The Passion Live: Chris Daughtry Sings 'Bring Me to Life' as Judas — Grade It

Chris Daughtry‘s American Idol days might be over, but he’s still game to perform a few cover songs every now and then.

The rocker was tasked with doing just that during Sunday’s pseudo-live broadcast of The Passion, Fox’s modern retelling of Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection.

Filling the role of Jesus’ traitor, Judas, Daughtry took center stage with a solo performance of “Bring Me to Life,” originally made famous by Evanescence.

As Judas came to grips with the idea of eventually turning his back on Christ, Daughtry cranked his moodiness up to 11 as he belted the song in a dingy, abandoned warehouse. (But, as we know, not even this solid cover of Amy Lee’s original can save Judas from the dark.)

What did you think of Daughtry’s “Bring Me to Life” rendition? Grade it below, then tell us your thoughts.

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