Oh, $#*!: SNL Host Ariana Grande Lets the [Bleep] Fly During Scandalous Tune

SNL Ariana Grande Shit

First-time Saturday Night Live host Ariana Grande sang of desperately wanting a grown-up scandal, and maybe she (conveeeeeniently?) got one?

Hosting the NBC sketch series this weekend, the songstress’ opening monologue recounted the slight controversies she thus far has courted (donut-licking included). But, she went on to say, she now covets a grown-up scandal — the sorts of which she detailed during a musical number.

Ironically — or simply “planned” — Grande at one point during the tune, after singing about perhaps one day “puking in a pool,” let slip with the S-word. But then kept right on crooning. Here’s a Vine of the moment, captured by the New York Times‘ Dave Itzoff:

For those who caught the live slip, do you think it was unplanned — had she just flubbed a lyric? — or was it an FCC-taunting wink at the scandal-seeking topic at hand?

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