The Revenant Reimagined as a Gay-Themed Musical Starring James Corden and Martin Short — Watch

There’s nothing quite as endearing as the love story between a man and a bear.

On The Late Late Show Wednesday, James Corden and Martin Short co-starred in a screen-to-stage adaptation of The Revenant, reimagining the epic brawl between man and beast as a moment of internal struggle when both parties recognize their forbidden desire to be more than just hunter and predator.

So how exactly do they process their taboo attraction? Through song, of course!

Corden’s “Inappropriate Musicals” also takes a stab at adapting fellow Oscar-winning films Goodfellas and Gladiator (the latter of which features a cameo by Arrested Development alum Will Arnett).

Watch the clip above (The Revenant starts at the 1:47 mark), then deposit your review in the comments!