NCIS-Themed Price Is Right Showcase? Come On Down for a First Look!

Gibbs’ Rule No. 20: “Always look under.” And Rule No. 21? “Never bid over.”

At least we imagine such a rule was created when NCIS stars Pauley Perrette and Brian Dietzen visited CBS’ The Price Is Right, as seen in these exclusive (and exclusively captioned!) photos.

Perrette and Dietzen appear on this Friday’s TPIR to celebrate the 300th episode of TV’s most watched drama (airing Tuesday at 8/7c), in part by showing off a special NCIS-themed price showcase. In the photos below, the actors reflect on some highlights:

NCIS Price Is Right

PAULEY: “Me and two of my all-time favorite dudes! I played Drew’s girlfriend on The Drew Carey Show, too!”

BRIAN: “Drew Carey is one all-around great guy. And a Marine! We need to have him come do our show now that we’ve done his!”

NCIS Price Is Right

PAULEY: “Danger! Giving Me, Brian Dietzen and Drew Carey microphones at the same time!”

NCIS Price Is Right

PAULEY: “Brian and I let the audience ask us anything they wanted!”

BRIAN: “I hope we’re invited back, and we can do our very best game-showy announcer voices again. Good times.”

NCIS Price Is Right

PAULEY: “Wait, Is Brian Dietzen even in this photo? Hot girl alert!”

BRIAN: “I had a great time presenting one of the showcases from the showdown, and guessed the correct price right down to the penny!….. in my head. I swear.”

NCIS was recently renewed for Season 14 and 15. Will you be tuning in for TPIR‘s special showcase?

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