Samantha Bee Administers Last Rites to the Republican Party (Video)

Samantha Bee is ready to declare time of death on the Grand Old Party.

The Full Frontal host on Monday eulogized the Republican establishment, which over time has been reduced to “rambunctious man-children hollering about their pee-pees.”

“So this is where we are? The party of Lincoln has completed its long journey from ‘a house divided against itself cannot stand,’ to ‘you should see how huuuge my pocket Donald is,” she quipped.

Bee was, of course, calling attention to the dispute that took center stage at the latest Fox News debate, as GOP frontrunner Donald Trump defended himself against Marco Rubio for insinuating that his manhood might not be up to par.

Furthering the case that this is truly #EndTimes, Bee praised debate moderator Chris Wallace for fact-checking the former Apprentice host in real time.

Watch Part 1 above and Part 2 below, then sound off in the comments.

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