Blind Item: Which Drama Series Is Killing Off Its Star in the Finale?

Blind Item

Update: Blind Item REVEALED!

Arrow isn’t the only hour-long drama sending a major character to an early grave.

TVLine has learned exclusively that a series currently airing on one of the Big Five broadcast networks (i.e. ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, The CW) is killing off its star in its season finale. I’m told the death will occur toward the end of the episode, which will leave just enough time for an emotional, season-ending cemetery scene in which [redacted] bids an emotional farewell to [redacted].

According to sources, the actor/actress in question has not yet been officially released from his/her contract, which has led some to speculate that the show could be setting up a Buffy-style bait and switch. A well-placed insider, however, maintains, “As it stands now, [redacted] is not returning next season.”

OK, you know the drill. Put on your thinking caps and then head to the comments with your best, most educated guesses!

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