Downton Abbey Series Finale: 6 Teases About the Crawleys' Big Goodbye

Downton Abbey Spoilers

There’s no use in asking if you’re ready to say goodbye to the residents of Downton Abbey this Sunday (PBS, 9/8c). Because you’re not. None of us are.

That said, the lords, ladies and downstairs dwellers have a whole mess of last-minute surprises up their collective sleeve for the series finale, so TVLine thought we’d cushion the pain of farewell by dropping a few hints. (Note: Stop reading now if you’d rather remain in the dark.)

Ready? OK, let’s do this…

* Anna is not the only person pregnant in the final episode.

* Thomas finds a new purpose, though it’s neither what nor where he expects.

* The ongoing feud between Spratt and Denker reaches a satisfying, hilarious conclusion.

* Henry and Mary are keeping secrets from each other. Already.

* At least one character is given an unexpected second chance at love.

* Another character says, “The plain truth is, I’m done for.” (And it’s true.)

Your hopes for Sunday’s last hurrah? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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