Grimm Video: Adalind Bares Her Soul (and Much More!) to a Departing Nick

Grimm Season 5 Video Nick Adalind Sex

Never let it be said that Adalind Schade doesn’t know how to give a memorable going-away present.

Friday’s Grimm (NBC, 9/8c) finds Nick’s roommate/baby mama freaked out thathe wants to leave town in search of whatever amazing-or-possibly-terrible thing the keys will lead him to. And when it becomes clear that her protests aren’t going to change his mind, Adalind decides to make her feelings for the Grimm perfectly clear (as if he didn’t already know).

“I know I can’t keep you from going. It’s something you have to do. But I also know there’s a chance you won’t come back,” she tells him… and hey, would you look at that? They’re in their bedroom! “I can’t let you go without you knowing how I feel about you.”

Elsewhere in the episode, titled “Key Moves,” Black Claw sends Portland scrambling. But who really cares about that when we’re on the cusp of some bunker lovin’?

Press PLAY on the exclusive video below to hear Adalind’s startling admission (and to watch what happens after the former sex-enbiest — we mean Hexenbiest! — makes it).

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