Goldbergs Video: Beverly Tries to Trick Murray Into Dirty Dancing With Her

The time of Beverly’s life on The Goldbergs involves… Murray and a vacuum cleaner?

This Wednesday, the ABC comedy pays tribute to the classic ’80s Patrick Swayze-Jennifer Grey film Dirty Dancing, a favorite of creator Adam F. Goldberg’s mother.

In TVLine’s exclusive video from the episode, fictional Bev is just as obsessed with the flick as her real-life counterpart. She even uses a “sticking” vacuum to fool her grumpy hubby into Swayze-ing his hips.

“I was inches away from having the time of my life!” Beverly exclaims when her plan goes awry.

Press PLAY above to watch Murray’s unintentional dance moves, then hit the comments with your excitement for the homage (airing at a special time, 8/7c).

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