Supergirl Video: Laura Vandervoort's Indigo Creates Chaos in Kara's Loft

The next time you’re cleaning out your spam folder, or your pop-up blocker fails you, or you get looped in on a FW: FW: FW: e-mail chain with your relatives, take heart: At least Laura Vandervoort didn’t jump from the computer screen straight into your living room.

Vandervoort — who played Kara Zor-El on The WB/CW’s Smallville — will face off against CBS’ Supergirl this Monday (8/7c) when she kicks off her recurring run as baddie Indigo, and TVLine has your exclusive sneak peek at her arrival.

Described as a “living, strong-willed supercomputer” — or “a living Internet,” as Wynn puts it — Indigo was sentenced to Fort Rozz after turning against the people of Krypton, and she’s now got a specific bone to pick with Kara on Earth. In the clip above, the women come face-to-face for the first time, and it does not go well — especially for Kara’s loft window.

Press PLAY on the video above for an exclusive sneak peek at Monday’s Supergirl, then hit the comments with your thoughts!

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