Madam Secretary Video: Elizabeth Gets Some Very Bad News About Henry

When Secretary of State Elizabeth McCord — aka the personification of grace under pressure — starts to crumble, you know things are bad.

And that’s certainly the case in this exclusive sneak peek at Sunday’s Madam Secretary (CBS, 8/7c), which finds Henry in the hospital suffering from radiation poisoning, thanks to his proximity to the dirty bomb detonated in last week’s episode.

In the clip, Elizabeth all but begs Henry’s doctor to tell her that he’ll be fine… and the physician kindly but firmly refuses to do so until they can ascertain how long Henry was in harm’s way.

And if he was exposed to the radiation too long? “There’s nothing else we can do,” the doc tells a devastated Elizabeth.

Press PLAY on the video below to watch Madam Secretary nearly lose her stuff, then hit the comments: Do you think Henry will make it?

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