The X-Files Easter Eggs: Did You Catch These In-Jokes From Episode 5?

OK, OK, X-‘Philes: We give.

For those of you who like your Easter eggs strictly defined, we’ll amend this and all future editions of X-Files fan nods.

From here on in, let’s just agree that the photos in the gallery below — gathered from Episode 5, “Babylon” — are visual and/or auditory references to either the original series’ run or the two feature films. Deal?

Because quibbling over what is or isn’t a sly shout-out to Mulder and Scully’s long basement reign is more of a buzzkill than a small town overrun by cockroaches, you know?

Click through the gallery below to join in on Fox’s strange trip (and more!), then hit the comments with any moments we might’ve missed!

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