X-Files Sneak Peek: Agent Einstein Gets a Crash Course in Mulder

Somewhere, The X-Files‘ Scully is nodding her head knowingly.

Because when the very practical FBI Agent Einstein (Six Feet Under‘s Lauren Ambrose) runs straight into Agent Mulder’s very atypical take on reality, she’s covering ground Scully’s been treading for years.

In Monday’s episode of the revival(Fox, 8/7c), the colleagues consult after a terrorist act takes place in Texas.

“If there were another act of terror and I’m in here listening to some woo-woo treatise on the paranormal, I don’t think I could forgive myself,” Einstein warns the older agent.

“I don’t do ‘woo-woo,'” he assures her. (Yeah, OK.)

Press PLAY on the video above to see how the rest of the exchange plays out.

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