New Flash Promo Teases Imprisoned Barry, Female Speedster, Zoom Reveal

The Flash’s arrival on Earth-Two looks like a cakewalk compared to what’s on tap in Part 2 of the CW hit’s trip through the speed cannon.

In a brand-new promo for “Escape from Earth-Two” (airing Tuesday at 8/7c) and beyond, we get some Barry-on-Barry action and a quick look at a masked female speedster (Jesse Quick? Trajectory?). Meanwhile on Earth-One, a visiting Diggle is still gobsmacked by speedsters, as King Shark runs (swims? waddles?) rampant and Jay aims to get up to speed for a rematch with Geomancer.

And on one world or another, The Flash finds out firsthand how rough life in the Pipeline can be and Zoom seems poised to remove his mask. (It’s gonna be Nora Allen, isn’t it???)

Press play above and share what other curious sights you see.

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