Will Smith Responds to Fresh Prince's Janet Hubert Drama: She's 'Brilliant'

Will Smith Janet Hubert

You’ll never guess which Fresh Prince of Bel-Air star dropped this little gem in a recent interview: “I think that both of the Aunt Vivs were really, really fantastic.”

OK, you probably guessed it was Will Smith. (Did the headline give it away? Was it the photo?)

Either way, Smith’s comments came Monday during an interview with BBC Radio 1Xtra, when he was asked to reveal his Aunt Viv of choice — the original, Janet Hubert, who recently slammed his proposed Oscars boycott, or Daphne Maxwell Reid, who replaced her in Season 4.

“When you make a show, any time you make a change, it’s going to be excruciating and painful,” he added. “I think that Janet Hubert Whitten brought a really powerful dignity to the show. She’s brilliant … as an artist. She sings, she dances. She’s, like, a really powerful artist. So I loved what she brought to The Fresh Prince.”

Unlike his character on the ’90s sitcom, who never used his head in tough situations, Smith clearly took a diplomatic approach to his answer. But because we, the people, aren’t beholden to such standards, it’s time to weigh in: