Samantha Bee's Full Frontal Premiere Dissects Jeb's Dying Campaign (Video)

Republican presidential hopeful Jeb Bush, “the heir apparent with the Beverly Hillbillies name and the $100 million war chest,” isn’t doing too well. Leave it to Full Frontal With Samantha Bee to find out why!

In its series premiere Monday, the former Daily Show correspondent debuted Jeb? Ein Film Für Full Frontal, in which the show’s “foreign-exchange producer” made the trek to New Hampshire to document the struggling candidate on his continued quest for the GOP nomination.

Along the way, the crew met up with some “Jeb!” supporters, who equate a potential Bush presidency to a “wouldn’t be fantastic, but solid” glass of milk. To their credit, at least they’re not supporting a certain “oddly tinted compilation of psychiatric symptoms.”

Watch the segment above, then sound off in the comments. (Have nothing nice to say? “Just clap.”)

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