Mountain Dew's #PuppyMonkeyBaby Super Bowl Ad Is a Damn Nightmare

OK, now Mountain Dew is just playing God.

The soft-drink giant on Wednesday released its Super Bowl 50 ad, which finally answers the timeless question: What would a puppy-monkey-baby hybrid look like?

The answer: Terrifying, of course. But also gross. And weird!

This bats–t combination of creatures is meant to illustrate Mountain Dew Kickstart’s blend of Dew, juice and caffeine — but we wouldn’t hold it against you for missing that point entirely.

Unsurprisingly, the ad has already garnered thoughtful YouTube comments like “Don’t do drugs” and “Kill it with fire,” plus a whole bunch of other things we’re not allowed to print. (Come on, people. This is a family site!)

Hit PLAY on the commercial above (if you dare!), then drop a comment with your thoughts below. Together, we can survive this.

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