The Muppets 2.0: Grade Kermit and Piggy's Emotional Return to Relevancy

Muppets Kermit Denise Break Up

Say it with me: The Muppets are back! And I don’t just mean the ABC sitcom, which also returned Tuesday; I’m talking about the actual Muppets who, after some much-needed tweaking, finally resemble the classic characters we know and love.

In a clever — almost too clever — nod to The Muppets‘ behind-the-scenes changes (a new showrunner, etc.), Tuesday’s episode introduced a branding guru whose job it was so “make old things relevant.” His mission: Make Up Late With Miss Piggy more watchable.

As the episode progressed, our felted friends realized that all their show really needed — and this applies to both Up Late and The Muppets — was more of that classic Muppet zaniness, which they delivered in spades.

But I’m really here to discuss the biggest, most important development: Kermit and Denise are no more. After playing second fiddle to Kermit’s job one too many times — and finally realizing that her boyfriend still has feelings for Miss Piggy — his rebound pig decided she’d had enough.

I’ll admit, it was a little heartbreaking watching Denise oink her way out of Kermit’s life, but the satisfaction of knowing that a Kermit/Miss Piggy reunion is imminent more than made up for the tears.

Speaking of Miss Piggy, she’s no longer the cruel, unlikeable force of nature she was during the first half of the ABC comedy’s freshman season. Her “restorative” trip to Argentina changed her — but not her wardrobe — for the better. She’s still a bacon-scented, self-centered lunatic… but in a funny way.

Talk to me, Muppet Nation: Did you appreciate all the changes made to the show? Grade the episode below, then drop a comment with your full review. 

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