Jada Pinkett Smith Returs to Gotham

Jada Pinkett Smith Sets Gotham Return

Gotham is putting a literal spin on the classic Fish out of water tale.

Jada Pinkett Smith has signed on to reprise her role as Fish Mooney for multiple Season 2 episodes, TVLine has learned exclusively.

A rep for the Fox drama confirmed Smith’s return but declined to provide details about how the crime boss will resurface.

Fish was last seen in the Batman prequel’s Season 1 finale getting pushed into a watery grave by the Penguin. At the time, showrunner Bruno Heller hinted that the villainess could live to see another day. “I would definitely not assume anything in a town like Gotham,” the EP warned. “It’s very unpredictable, the comic book world.”

Especially when the folks at Indian Hill are conducting such Strange experiments.

Gotham resumes its second season on Monday, Feb. 29.

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  1. Stephon JS says:

    Yes yes and yess!

    • Min says:

      Well she better get an Emmy nod….no, she should just be GIVEN an emmy for her role, otherwise we’ll have an Emmys boycott too.

    • Emma says:

      NO NO NO. I will NOT be watching anything with this loud mouth bully. Sad FACT is I NEVER seen color when I watch shows. I seen great shows, great talent, bad shows, bad talent. She turned the enjoyment of movies and TV show’s into a race thing. Won’t be watching Gotham!

      • she care not about any of her naysayers. funny when pinnkett talks about racism in the industry, white fiks get their panties in a bunch. amerikkka was founded on violence racis, stealing fr others. nothing has changed. as she spends her millions. u inbreds sit in your jerry springer trailers, eating welfare cheese, no one cares. go jada

        • Allan says:

          wow! Black people talking about white people and violence and welfare cheese and stealing from others. Lmao that’s like the pot calling the kettle…..you know. Panties in a bunch? Just tired of every time a black person isn’t given something that they don’t deserve they scream racism. As I sit in my jerry springer trailer ( actually a gated community, to keep certain undesirables out) I can’t help but wonder how Will and his son/daughter jaden didn’t win oscars for ” after earth” ? Worst movie will smith ever made……and that’s saying a lot. Will should have stayed on television, I’m not saying he would ever have been nominated for an Emmy, but he should know his limitations. I can’t think of a movie Mrs. Smith has been in, but if she’s ever been in a movie I’m sure it was crap. Chris Rock said it best ” she wasn’t invited” By boycotting the oscars that meant that someone that deserved to go got a seat. So, her racist rants actually did some good. I wish she would boycott Gotham too. GO JADA….anywhere, just not here.

          • Guest45654 says:

            Not all black people are violent, on welfare, or steal. I’m black and none of those apply to me. So if I want to talk about any of those things being done by any person– black, white, red, green, purple, or otherwise, I can. Just because you assume Shirl is black doesn’t mean she can’t call out white people for being violent, on welfare, or thieves. And she has every right to have her “panties in a bunch” and you prove the reason why. Shirl isn’t “black people” she is one person, the fact that 1 person can say 1 thing and suddenly represent an entire group speaks volumes. Also, even if “black people” are violent, steal, or on welfare, doesn’t negate that America was founded on those actions– wars are violent (Revolutionary), this land had people here before Europeans came (Native Americans), and welfare was started by the government to assist white people who fell on hard times it’s just a sad fact that black people tend to perpetually be the group most often on hard times. I could analyze why that is but I won’t. And 1 could say the same way that “every time a black person isn’t given something that they don’t deserve they scream racism”, that every time a white person isn’t given something they don’t deserve, especially when it’s given to a minority and, more to the point, that minority is black, they scream Affirmative Action and prove their sense of entitlement Abigail Fisher, prime example. But that would be wrong on both accounts because “every time” is an absolute and that’s just not true on either side– white or black.

        • Christine Schutz says:

          Maybe Ms. Shirl needs to go back to school and learn how to spell and stop sitting on her couch watching Jerry Springer, just as many African Americans on his show or maybe she just needs to get a job……

      • joe thomas says:

        me either…I cant stand her racist rearend…..she can take her Elephant tusks and stick them

      • Scandocious says:

        Bullying… ha!! Perception is a B.

    • lechatnoir says:

      Her nail art work is the sheit lol. She is definitely one of the best character in this show. I wonder how they’ll explain her return. I mean pingwin threw her off the balcony

  2. ndixit says:

    Nooooooooooo! Her absence has been one of the best parts of Gotham’s second season.

    • tvjunkie says:

      Totally agree

    • Marilyn says:

      Refreshing, wasn’t it? I was in a good mood till I saw this…….

    • JenJ says:

      I agree, I don’t want to see her again. I was actually cheering when the character was killed off. No offense to the actress, but the character is so full of ?!*& I just don’t want to see her again.

    • Ray says:

      Seconded. Gotham finally found its footing without her.

      • roundabout says:

        Here I was thinking that TPTB had learned from some of their mistakes… It was so much better to have improved writing and a focus where it should be: on Jim Gordon as the central character and Gotham through him and who he is in contact with. Why not more of that, including more of Jim and Harvey and Jim and Lee and the “villains” with plausible ties or relationships? So, back to major disappointment . Good riddance to her was a big reason to believe that this year would be greatly improved with no more cringing on sight.

        • Oversight says:

          Well as far as I can tell your comment is entirely opinion; and so it shall be judged acvordingly. She is a phenomenal actress as is many members of her household. (Fact) You are not. (Opinion🙆💩) or (fact).. although more than likely the latter. You see.. insults go both ways. Let her be free in her black skin.. just as free as you are in your white skin as a matter of fact.

    • french5851 says:

      Sorry to disagree… I loved her in this role and it is so nice to see a woman in charge again!

      • Sarah D says:


      • Christine Schutz says:

        I agree, I always liked JPS!!! Loved Extant! I’m white and last I heard opinions are like buttholes…everyone has one. I’m proud NOT to be racist, if others want to be….Thats on their heads! White, black, yellow, purple, or whatever…to me all I see is the person inside

        • Christine Schutz says:

          AND I really need some closure from her escaping that island in the helicopter….

        • Christine Schutz says:

          Ok, sorry, Extant was Halle Berry, my bad, but both beautiful, strong women that make me proud to be that gender!

  3. Patty says:


  4. Drew says:

    Sigh. The show for better without her

  5. Ezzy says:

    I’m guessing this is where Hugo Strange comes in

  6. aph1976 says:

    Well considering Fish’s body wasn’t found i think we always knew there was a chance the character would come back sooner or later.Plus it could be interesting to see Fish gets revenge on Penguin for trying to kill her.

  7. A. D. says:


  8. Steve says:

    Yes! Loved her and missed her this season so much.

  9. Bill says:

    Ugh, she was terrible – the actress and the character

  10. Lynne says:

    I’d rather they bring Jerome back. He was more fun.

  11. Ames says:

    Why? She is literally the reason I stopped watching this show. SO overdone.

  12. Simon says:

    It wasnt so much her or the character I disliked, but rather the whole crime boss storylines. If they can include her in another storyline, like maybe Hugo Strange, i think it would be fine.

  13. Mags says:

    I agree with Bill “ugh” that’s not only for the actress and the character but for the person too. Tsk, put me right off now.

  14. Laura says:

    Oh good grief honestly imo one of the worst elements of s1 and she’s back that’s not the headline I’d wanna see.

    • Dennis says:

      Honestly though, if they wrap up her storyline for good this season, then that’s great, then just always wonder “what if/what happened” to her character, bc we all knew she didn’t really die.

  15. Tw123 says:

    Yesssssss! I didn’t love the crime boss storyline she was attached to, but I loved Jada’s interpretation of Fish and the way it paid homage to Eartha Kitt’s Catwoman. I think she’ll be better served this season and in a different story setting. I haven’t watched Gotham in a while, but I’ll be sure to check out the episodes she is in.

  16. Brian says:

    Yay!! One of the few that loved her as Fish.

  17. Larc says:

    Too bad. I strongly disliked the Fish character and was hoping she was gone permanently.

  18. Lillian says:

    Ugh. Guess I’ll be fast forwarding a lot, if I watch at all. Hate her scenery chewing.

    • Dennis says:

      LOL!!! Yeah….her gum chewing is annoying haha.

    • JenJ says:

      I guess I wasn’t the only one ff through her scenes. I so disliked the character of Fish, if she hadn’t been killed off, I had seriously considered not watching the series this season, which has turned out to be an absolutely great season without her.

      • Oversight says:

        It sounds like the very same individual responsible for all the hate comments toward Jada and her character are all one in the same. Lol is this a bash the black girl who sees through our be rally or actual intelligent commentary correspondent to the topic?

  19. urgh no why do this? I was kinda enjoying Gotham again

  20. tvjunkie says:

    Well that’s a shame. Her character was a drag on the show in season 1. It’s much better without her.

  21. Whatevah says:

    OMG I hated this character and her over acting…NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Shoot and I have been enjoying the show so much since she was killed off. Crud.

    • roundabout says:

      Ditto. I was so relieved that at least that drain of precious time was gone. One less distraction, and such a costly one. I either had to FF, change the channel, or risk falling asleep when she was on screen. The maddeningly and painfully slow plot and meaningless story that took time away from the real focus were bad enough. The acting in the aside made it even worse.

  22. Fish Hater says:

    Have NOT missed the character. Definitely a mistake bringing her back.

    Not sure why she’s coming back….. after Gotham isn’t very diverse. Shouldn’t she boycott?

  23. Riana says:

    She came back to reveal her evil plan of boycotting the Oscars.

  24. Joey says:

    Unlike a lot of people, I actually enjoyed Fish last season. I thought the main problem with her, however, was that for the most part, she was so separate from everything else going on that it was hard to make most viewers care what happened in her storyline. Also, that Dollmaker subplot….really, what was the point?

  25. Velocisexual says:

    So was this actually the blind item about the surprise return?

  26. El S Boy says:

    bad news…
    we knew she will come back at some point but the later the better

  27. paula says:

    I’m on the YAY! side here. I loved her character and I’ll be glad see her back!

  28. CK says:

    I’m excited. I loved the campiness that Fish brought to the series.

  29. Then she’s gonna boycott the emmy’s when they don’t nominate her :)

  30. Leanne says:

    to bad. I always liked her until she became racist against whites. remember people its a 2 way road. Iliked gotham better this last year versus the first.

    • JenJ says:

      It has nothing to do with supposedly being “racist against whites”. Get your details straight, because the Oscar controversy is real and brings to the forefront something that Hollywood has been trying to ignore for years. As far as “Gotham” goes, though, I personally disliked the character “Fish Mooney” because it was overdone and truly was overdone since the show was focused too much on everything the character did. I was so sick of Fish Mooney, I cheered when the character was killed off. If they hadn’t done that, I doubt if I would have bothered watching the series this season, which has been so great.

      • tvjunkie says:

        No Jada is basically saying the people who vote on the Oscars are racists. You don’t see other minorities making such claims despite a lack of or low representation. Claiming racism without any actual proof is actually racism by way of stereotyping that all white people are racist.

    • Whitass says:

      Like whites always being racist against blacks!

  31. wrangler says:

    She was just the worst… Infinitely better without her horrible over-acting.

  32. M says:

    Just when it was getting good, you bring in this POS character and actress…

  33. queerbec says:

    I guess she must have had some extra time on her hands now that she was boycotting the Academy Awards. I think we all knew she’d be back, but why can’t she just be the villain of the week and depart again? I’m beginning to get the idea that Fish ain’t a big stretch for Mrs. Smith.

  34. Jim Ignatowski says:

    I love Gotham but may not watch when Fish returns as Jada Pinkett Smith is a racist.

  35. RICK W PRICE says:


  36. Jeff hunter says:

    Might as well call this now:#emmyssowhite!jeff

  37. mike says:

    Hopefully this time we get a definitive, no question about it , final death scene for this tired character. Like we did for the significantly more entertaining Jerome

  38. nabocane says:


  39. abra says:

    Ugh… Shows been better without her, I don’t think she’s needed at all. Didn’t miss her, always liked Butch better away from her.

  40. This is great! LOVED Fish’s character. Anyone who doens’t think Fish rocks should die of Ebola.

  41. the cookie queen says:

    I’m glad she’s back!! I didn’t like Penguin at first,I thought he was over the top,at the time. But then he grew on me now I like him. You guys have to remember that these characters are comic book characters and that they are animated. Good for her.

    • Jay says:

      Fish Mooney is not a comic book character. She’s one of the few that was invented for this show…what a mistake that was!

  42. Sheldon W. says:

    To quote Hellboy, ‘Aw, crap!’

    Gotham has been so much better without Fish (I’m not saying JPS was awful, but Fish was just not that great a character).

  43. Andrew says:

    Maybe I’m in the minority, but: This is AWESOME news!

    Fish Mooney COMPLETELY won me over when she scooped out her own eye.

    I was disappointed when Jada let it slip that she wasn’t going to to return as a series regular at the end of Season 1, so: I’m happy!

    I don’t know. I know I’m a guy, but I LOVE strong female characters like Fish Mooney.

    You just can’t keep this bad*** b**** down! Of course, I mean it in GOOD way.

    I cannot wait to see Penguin’s face when he finds out that she has survived!…LMAO! :)

  44. Lisao says:

    Ugh. Why??

  45. Becky says:

    NO, one of the worst characters. I was so glad she was killed off, or so I thought. I have to fast forward through her story line.

  46. Raistlin Majere says:

    That’s It, If she comes back I am BOYCOTTING Gotham!

  47. Repforjada says:

    😂 everyone complains but still will tune in.. Get a grip

  48. tanyan531 says:

    Oh Gawd NOOOO … What horrible news…Absolutely the worst character ever … I have not missed Fish Mooney nor have I missed JPS and her over acting … I was so happy when they didn’t bring her back … I will definitely go back to fast forwarding through her scenes …