The Blacklist First Look: How Will Tom React to Liz's [Spoiler]?

The Blacklist Liz Pregnant

Just one week ago, The Blacklist‘s Tom Keen tried to once again become Liz’s fiancé — but how will he feel about being her baby daddy instead?

That’s right: The NBC drama revealed in its Jan. 21 episode that Megan Boone’s real-life pregnancy will be written in as a result of Liz and Tom’s sexy post-exoneration reunion.

In the below photos from tonight’s installment (NBC, 9/8c), Liz and Tom sit down for a serious, potentially baby-related chat. But judging by the reassuring way Tom is touching Liz’s hand, not to mention Ms. Keen’s relieved grin, it seems the conversation might not go so badly after all.

Scroll through the gallery below to see the new Blacklist photos, then hit the comments and tell us: How do you feel about the pregnancy storyline?

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