The Muppets, Revamped: Piggy's New 'Tude and More Post-Hiatus Tweaks

Muppets Changes Miss Piggy

If your biggest complaint about the first 10 episodes of The Muppets was “It’s not meta enough,” you’re going to like what the ABC comedy has in store for its Feb. 2 return (8/7c).

As a nod to The Muppets‘ real-life behind-the-scenes overhaul — a change of showrunner and focus were reported in November — the “network” assigns a branding guru to revamp Up Late With Miss Piggy. More specifically, he’s brought in to “make old things relevant.” (There’s talk of YouTube personalities joining the fold, an Undateable-esque shift to viewer interactivity, etc.)

Fortunately — and I don’t think this is giving too much away — the Muppets discover that the key to pleasing their audience is simply giving it more of what it loves: bits, sketches and viral videos featuring the felted freaks in all their off-the-wall glory. And isn’t that really what The Muppets was missing all along?

Having seen the newest episode, we promise that everything you did like about the series — that particular brand of nonsense that only the Muppets can truly deliver — remains in tact, enhanced by a few necessary tweaks. One crucial shift is Miss Piggy’s sunnier disposition; she’s no longer the irrational, Kermit-bashing lunatic she was in the first 10 episodes, courtesy of a restorative trip to Argentina. (There’s always the possibility that her new ‘tude will prove temporary, so enjoy the calm for now.)

The show also seems to be exploring the Kermit/Piggy dynamic more in its second half — and, honestly, did anyone think breaking them up was a good idea in the first place?

Gather your thoughts on The Muppets, including what you hope to see when the ABC comedy returns next week, and drop ’em in a comment below.

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