X-Files Easter Eggs: Did You Catch These In-Jokes From Episodes 1 and 2?

X-Files Revival Easter Eggs Photos

The truth is out there. The wink-wink-nudge-nudge meta references are in here.

Fox’s X-Files proved that it understands and appreciates its fans by slipping some visual in-jokes — commonly referred to as Easter eggs — into its two-night premiere. And because we’re just as obsessed as the rest of you, we’ve gathered those moments from Sunday and Monday’s episodes here for your alien-loving selves to peruse at your leisure.

Familiar faces? Shout-outs to behind-the-scenes staff? One really unfortunate poster? It’s all here. (And we’ll be back next week with all the OMG YES! tidbits from Episode 3.)

Gather those eggs by clicking through the gallery below, then make sure to hit the comments with any we might’ve missed!

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