Teen Wolf Boss Previews Malia's Showdown With the Desert Wolf

Teen Wolf Malia Desert Wolf

The mother/daughter reunion Teen Wolf fans have been dreading ever since they first heard the words “Desert Wolf” finally arrives Tuesday (MTV, 9/8c).

“Episode 14 is very Malia-centered,” executive producer Jeff Davis tells TVLine. “She learns that the Desert Wolf has Deaton, and she’s stuck in a bind with how to deal with her mother.” Davis adds that the Desert Wolf storyline “will tie in” to the overall arc of Season 5B.

“Shelley [Hennig] and Marisol [Nichols] work really well together,” Davis says. “They have some really tense scenes, and even a great fight scene, this week. And they’ve got another big, huge fight scene coming up — a big confrontation that happens later this season.”

And while we’re already talking gloom and doom, here’s a bummer for all you “Stalia” fans: Malia’s mother’s arrival won’t exactly solve the on-the-rocks couple’s existing problems.

“That [relationship] becomes a much bigger issue, especially when the Desert Wolf gets involved,” Davis confirms. (Ruh roh.)

Your hopes for Malia and the Desert Wolf? Fears for “Stalia”? Drop ’em all in a comment below.

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