Sleepy Hollow: 12 Teases to Hold You Over Until the Midseason Premiere

Sleepy Hollow Season 3 Spoilers Abbie Missing

You don’t need a mystical spyglass or charmed orb to get a glimpse of what will happen when Fox’s Sleepy Hollow returns on Friday, Feb. 5 (8/7c)… because we’ve seen the episode and — like Betsy Ross with enemy soldiers on her heels — can deliver crucial intel about the supernatural drama’s midseason premiere.

Of course, in the interest of keeping you intrigued-but-not-spoiled, our teases can’t be too specific; we’re not, for instance, going to tell you whether or not Nicole Beharie’s Abbie Mills shows up during the hour, titled “One Life.”

But we can assure you that the premiere is worth your time — and it even sets up some interesting developments that may or may not turn into something much bigger, further down the line.

So grab your tricorn cap, and let’s do this thing!

* Betsy Ross proves once more why General Washington chose her for his secret team: She’s ruthless when she needs to be.

*  Ichabod cautions “patience in caution” in one scene… then goes out of his way not to follow his own advice in the very next scene.

* Married life may not be as idyllic for Pandora and The Hidden One as we first were led to believe.

* Speaking of Pandora, we find out how she came to be possession of that box.

* Ichabod, Jenny and Joe aren’t the only people interested in Abbie’s disappearance.

* Context-free snippet of dialogue: “You see what I’m getting at?” “That scientists are jerks?”

* Ichabod debuts a new cooking technique.

* There’s a visual callback to a fan-favorite moment.

* Sophie’s back story is fleshed out a bit.

* The Creepy Thing of the Week is sufficiently scary.

* Jenny and Joe share a significant moment after a trip to a storage locker. (It’s more moving than it sounds, we promise.)

* By the end of the episode, Ich, Joe and Jenny have a new ally — and a new problem on the horizon.

What are your predictions for the second half of Sleepy Hollow‘s third season? Sound off in the comments!

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