Young & Hungry First Look: Gabi Kisses [Spoiler] in Trippy Season Premiere

Young & Hungry Gabi Josh Kiss

Warning: The following image from Young & Hungry‘s Feb. 3 season premiere (Freeform, 8/7c) might be a tad misleading.

Gabi and Josh, the sitcom’s will-they-won’t-they-(again) lovers, are seen locking lips in TVLine’s exclusive first look at next week’s return. Before I crush the collective soul of ‘shippers everywhere, enjoy the photo in full below:

Young & Hungry Josh Gabi Kiss

Did you drink it all in? Good, now it’s time for the inconvenient truth:

Following the events of October’s finale, the season-opener finds Gabi road-tripping the desert — where one is prone to seeing mirages. So is her mouth’s reunion with Josh’s merely an illusion?

We’ll have to wait until Feb. 3 for the answer, but in the meantime, drop a comment below with your hopes for the show’s “it” couple below.

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