X-Files Sneak Peek: What Is This Mad Scientist Up to in Episode 2?

Even if Sunday’s revival premiere was the first X-Files episode you ever saw, you’ve likely already picked up on one of the sci-fi series’ central tenets:

People wearing lab coats are usually up to no good.

So when Mulder and Scully meet medical genius Augustus Goldman (played by Desperate Housewives‘ Doug Savant) in this exclusive clip from the second half of the two-part kickoff (Monday, 8/7c), it’s no stretch to suspect that the doc isn’t quite as on the up-and-up as he claims.

In the episode, titled “Founder’s Mutation,” the newly reinstated FBI agents discover that Goldman’s lab has been messing around with genetic experimentation for quite some time — and the subjects of his tests are really unhappy about it.

But the physician sees things a little differently. Press PLAY on the video above to hear Goldman explain his side of things, then hit the comments: Are you happy The X-Files is back?

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