HTGAWM Promo: 'Next-Level Crazy' Includes Babies, Guns and Roofies!

ABC’s promo department has made it abundantly clear that popcorn and red wine are on the approved snack list for its #TGIT/Shondaland lineup. But the new promo for the second half of How to Get Away With Murder‘s second season tells us what not to eat while Annalise Keating and her minions cover up crimes, rescue their clients and try to keep up respectable law-school GPAs.

Strawberry ice cream is apparently off the menu — as the above trailer shows somebody emptying a capsule into the sweet treat. The act is perpetrated by a white male (Asher? Frank? Connor?), but who’s getting dessert remains a mystery.

We’ve also got Annalise doing the “slide down the wall in horror,” Nate asking our antiheroine if she wants to die and that crazy baby scene teased in ABC’s #TGIT promos a couple weeks back.

Oh, and if the “Shock, gasp, repeat” tagline sounds familiar, that’s how we described the HTGAWM formula in our gallery of 2015’s 10 Best Drama Series.

Press PLAY above for the full trailer, then hit the comments with your thoughts.

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