Grey's Anatomy Video: Meredith's Attacker Revealed — Plus, We Need To Talk About That Alex Kiss

We now know how and by whom Meredith is attacked on Grey’s Anatomy. We also know who will be by her side in the harrowing incident’s aftermath.

In a fresh promo touting the ABC drama’s Feb. 11 midseason premiere, we learn that Meredith is physically assaulted by one of her patients and Penny (aka Derek’s killer) is the first to call for help. Widespread panic and pandemonium give way to an eerie silence as we’re led to believe Mer is knocking at death’s door.

The frame that packs the biggest punch? Alex planting a kiss on Mer’s forehead.

“It is as terrifying and as shocking as you would expect for it to be,” Kelly McCreary, who plays Mer’s half-sister Maggie, recently previewed of the Denzel Washington-directed epiosode. “Get ready to have your guts feel like they’re coming out of you, because it is truly harrowing.”

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