Making a Murderer: Netflix Boss Hints at a Possible Season 2

Making a Murderer Season 2

Netflix has some unfinished business with Steven Avery.

At the Television Critics Association winter press tour in Pasadena on Sunday, the streaming giant’s Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos hinted that watercooler smash Making a Murderer may see a Season 2.

“The story is still unfolding,” he told reporters when asked about a possible follow-up season, “so we’ll certainly take a look at it.”

Sarandos conceded that the docudrama’s exploding popularity took him by surprise, too. “It was a remarkable turn of events in the last couple weeks of the year,” he marveled. “It was that crazy combination of super-addictive television and [people having the] time to watch it. So people were watching it and telling their friends, who also had time to watch it during the holiday break. People were just obsessed with it. There must be something genetic in us, that we’re natural born detectives. And there’s a sense of injustice and certainly a sense of mystery.”

Regarding the controversy about producers omitting certain facts of the case in an effort to bolster its alleged pre-Steven Avery narrative, Sarandos noted, “This show was 10 years in the making. There was 70 hours of footage. To split hairs about what was left in and what was left out… it was a great film and we want  people to watch it and decide for themselves.”

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