House of Cards: New Season 4 Teaser Revives [Spoiler]'s Shocking Death

Frank Underwood is a cold-blooded killer — just in case you forgot.

Netflix is reminding viewers of that not-so-trivial fact in its latest teaser for House of Cards Season 4, which premieres Friday, March 4.

The ominous teaser opens with a shot of a flower bouquet laying abandoned  on a subway track, presumably the site of Zoe’s Season 2 death at the hands of Frank. The camera then pans up to reveal Underwood’s newest presidential campaign poster, which bears the cheeky tagline, “Putting America Back on Track.”

Oh, the irony.

Press PLAY above and then hit the comments with an answer to this question: Is this House of Cards’ subtle way of telling us Frank is about to pay for his past misdeeds? 

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