Daredevil Stars Preview Punisher and Elektra's Intros, Matt's Big Dilemma

Daredevil Season 2 Spoilers

Daredevil is headed for an existential crisis — all thanks to The Punisher.

At the start of Season 2, “with Wilson Fisk in jail, the crime rate has plummeted. Things have returned to normal, if not better than normal,” star Charlie Cox previewed Sunday at the Television Critics Association winter press tour in Pasadena. But then the introduction of Frank Castle/The Punisher (played by The Walking Dead‘s Jon Bernthal) and comparisons between the two viligantes challenge the titular hero to “question everything. Matt has to reevaluate who is and what he does” in terms of whether it’s detrimental or beneficial to society.

In looking at the comic books, new cast member Bernthal said he took away that The Punisher’s “superpower is his rage. He’s not going to quit. He’s going to go forward no matter what. This show is a perfect world to reintroduce a character like that.”

Matt Murdock will also come to face-to-face with another iconic character in Elektra.

“I wanted to keep the coldness” from the source material, her portrayer Elodie Yung described. “Elektra is kind of a sociopath. This world is a game for her, a chess game. What motivates her is what she wants. She’ll use anything needs to use to get to her goal. If she needs to kill people, she will.”

“On the other hand, we wanted to create a character with different levels,” Yung continued. “She’s not a bad person. She’s not a good person. She’s a person with different traits and layers. We’ll find out who she is really by the end of [the season].”

As for the design behind Elektra’s costume, it was driven by two questions: “What looks cool?” incoming showrunner Doug Petrie — who, along with Marco Ramirez, is taking over the reins from Steven S. DeKnight — shared. And given Yung’s martial arts training, “What would you really fight in? Elektra isn’t just about protection. She’s a bit of a stylist.”

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