Winter TV Preview! Your Scoop-Filled Guide to 20+ Returning Favorites

Winter TV Spoilers 2016

Will Darhk make Arrow go dark? Which Castle mystery will at long last be solved? Has a Quantico recruit may have been messing with us all along?

Though it may seem like TV’s holiday hiatus gets longer and longer, many of your favorite shows are actually poised to soon resume their seasons — if they aren’t back already! To get you primed for that bevy of returns, TVLine pumped producers and stars for oven-fresh intel on nearly two dozen favorites, with more to be added this week. (As an additional bonus, we also sought out some exclusive photos. Free of charge to you, the consumer!)

So, is The Walking Dead‘s Negan plain nuts? Will Scorpion pop the question? What awaits Vampire Diaries‘ Damon in Hell? And which Blacklist backstory is coming?

Stop looking at the questions and cue up the slideshow below for those answers, and many, many more! (Click here for direct access.)