The X-Files Sneak Peek: Watch the First Minute of Fox's Revival Now

X-Files Revival Video Premiere First Minute

If you’ve missed Fox Mulder’s monotone voiceovers, play Powerball: Today is your lucky day.

David Duchovny’s signature flat exposition kicks off The X-Files‘ upcoming revival, the first minute of which was released to the public on Monday.

The video, available only at www.doyoustillbelieve.com, gives both newbies and fans of the sci-fi series a condensed catch-up on the highlights of Seasons 1-9, which aired on Fox from 1993-2002.

In the clip, as Mulder intones all the salient points about Mulder and his former FBI partner, Dana Scully, we see various snapshots from the drama’s initial run. Among the images are UFOs, the FBI’s Most Unwanted in varying degrees of closeness and updated Mulder family photos of young Fox and his abducted sister, Samantha.

Click here to view the revival’s opening, then hit the comments: Are you psyched for the series’ Season 10 premiere on Jan. 24?

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