MADtv's 20th Anniversary Reunion: What to Expect From the CW Special

It’s been more than two decades since the human Muppets of MADtv first graced our screens, and you’ll be happy to know they haven’t grown changed one bit.

The late sketch comedy’s best and brightest reassemble Tuesday (The CW, 8/7c) to celebrate its 20th anniversary, but their initial joy quickly transitions into awkward tension when it’s announced that one of their characters will be win a special “fan-favorite” award at the end of the night.

Truncated by scripted vignettes of the co-stars catching up, the special treats viewers to the best of MADtv‘s most memorable characters, including Alex Borstein‘s Ms. Swan, Mo Collins’ Lorraine, Nicole Sullivan’s Vancome Lady, Stephnie Weir’s Dot, Deborah Wilson’s Oprah — my favorite impression of the media queen on all of late-night TV, though you can watch the above clip to judge for yourself — and, of course, Michael McDonald’s oh-so-independent Stuart.

I’d normally complain about a straight-up clip show, but considering MADtv isn’t syndicated and is really only available to stream on The CW Seed, the old scenes are actually nice little treats for long-suffering fans. (This editor included.)

Will you check out the special on Tuesday? And which MADtv character deserves to win the fan-favorite award? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.

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