TVLine Turns 5: Chuck's Proposal, House Hijinks, Fringe Betrayal and More January 2011 Plot Twists

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If you thought TVLine’s review of the big news stories breaking at the time of our January 2011 launch was a trip down memory lane, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

As our fifth birthday celebration marches on, here we recount the storylines that were unspooling at the time — on shows that are still with us (including Bones, Castle and Grey’s Anatomy) or have since passed on (such as Smallville, V and The Office.) Fringe, we must remind you, is currently airing Season 8 Over There.

What waylaid Chuck‘s proposal to Sarah? What was bothering Criminal Minds‘ Reid? Who crashed a Desperate Housewife’s nascent romance? You may recall the answers to those “spoilers,” but click through this slideshow just to be sure. (Warning: May induce waves of nostalgia.)

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