Lost Finale Footage 'Found': Netflix to Restore 18 Edited Minutes

Lost Finale Netflix

Sparked by vocal fans who in turn were backed by a recently apprised Damon Lindelof, Netflix is setting out to replace its version of Lost‘s two-part series finale, which apparently was missing 18 minutes from the original ABC broadcast.

The edits that Netflix has been streaming clocked in at about 43 minutes apiece, whereas the for-broadcast version that aired in 2010 ran a total of 104 minutes.

Among the numerous excised snippets, which are chronicled in this Reddit thread, is part of Jack and Locke’s conversation as they lowered [Spoiler] into the [spoiler], and a scene outside a church between Ben and Hurley.

“We are in the middle of correcting now, and will have the uncut version back streaming as soon as possible,” Netflix tweeted after EW.com reported on Lost co-showrunner Lindelof’s learning of the hullabaloo. (Lindelof suggested that Netflix merely was streaming the same version that is in syndication, which traditionally makes edits to fit hour dramas into a 42-minute frame.)

“[T]his is a fix that needs to happen,” Lindelof said to EW.com, “so at least people can love or hate it in its entirety.”

Had you in your streaming of the famously divisive finale noticed any missing bits?

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