Clay Aiken Slams American Idol

Clay Aiken Rips American Idol in Brutal Twitter Tirade: 'I've Watched Root Canals More Entertaining'

Don’t expect Clay Aiken to be invited back for American Idol‘s nostalgia-filled farewell season.

The Season 2 runner-up live-tweeted Wednesday’s premiere and pulled no punches, declaring at the outset that he was “watching American Idol for the first time in a decade,” before adding, “You never know what you’ve got til it’s gone.”

After taking a dig at the show’s sagging Nielsens, Aiken directed his wrath at judges Harry Connick Jt, Jennifer Lopez and Keith Urban.

What do you think of Aiken’s comments? Sound off below!

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  1. Talk about biting the hand that fed you!

  2. JayNC says:

    He must be having a bad day, or having a few too many drinks.

  3. KC says:

    Wow, apparently he has forgotten where he came from…

    • Jack says:

      Thats not it. He is (correctly) saying the show is not what it used to be.

      • Mary says:

        The show is not the same, it is 15 years old for God sake, but it is not because Simon isn’t there. He is just an obnoxious self absorb person that is trying to garnish attention.
        He needs to stop and do some self reflecting before criticizing others.

        • quang says:

          I don’t care for Clay, but people need to stop being see naive about this whole “no criticisms” thing. People are allowed to voice their opinions on the internet, and that includes (sorta) celebrities on twitter and us nobodies in the comment sections.

          • Mary says:

            Never said he couldn’t criticize or voice his opinion, but people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

      • Sharon says:

        Agree! He was not being mean just honest.

  4. Dax says:

    Clay has always been an unpleasant twit. I remember him taking nasty potshots at Adam Lambert back in the day, very nasty, so I wrote him off then. The Idols with class know that Idol gave them a platform to show what they had to offer. The rest was up to them. Clay’s vitriol spewing personality was his downfall. Good riddance.

    • letterhedz says:

      Lambert fans are always trying to drag him into unrelated articles. Pathetic.

    • Cobra says:

      In fairness, Adam Lambert was terrible, anyway. He was/is overrated beyond belief.

      • Sushi says:

        I’m glad Kris won that seadon, but Adam has since 2009 sold over 2.5 million albums and 5 million singles worldwide. He’s currently on his 2nd world tour.

        So obviously he pleases some.

      • Beth says:

        I see you do not read the new either. Adam has been over 10 million dollars beating out Carrie Underwood as the Highest grossing Idol ever. He has also been the front man for Queen the last couple of years. He left Kris Allen in the dust.

        • Terry says:

          In NO universe has Adam sold more than Carrie. LOL!

          • The Beach says:

            Actually, Beth (above) is correct for 2015. In the past year he has was indeed the highest grossing former contestant. I’m sure over the run of the show Carrie and Kelly have grossed more but not last year.

          • letterhedz says:

            Its total fan wank trying to make him matter.

        • Mary says:

          He made Forbes top idol earning this year not ever – which he should have considering he was singing with Queen. Quite frankly I thought it would have been more. Since you felt the need to throw Kris name in there, How much would Adam have earned if it hadn’t been for Queen? Comparing two different artist is so irrelevant and childish. Considering Carrie was working on a album and having a baby it is hard to say who would of been top, but most artist have stated that Forbes really don’t know what one’s true earnings are.

          • letterhedz says:

            Forbes admits they don’t know f all unless a public relations manager gives them tips about their clients. The biggest stars don’t bother with Forbes.

      • Amy says:

        Soooo Agree!!!

    • SamIAm says:

      I remember Lamebert taking potshots at Clay for literally months, long after Clay had publicly apologized for daring to express his opinion of Saint mAdam.

  5. Mike says:

    Good thing I voted for Ruben. :)

  6. Aunt Pearl says:

    Little snot would not have made it out of NC without American Idol!!

    • Jack says:

      And that is not in doubt. He is saying the show needs Simon. And he is right.

      • Louie says:

        Simon didn’t help X-Factor… Face it, with or without Simon, the show was getting long in the tooth

        • Mak says:

          With judges like the childish & annoying Demi lovato (to be fair she had just turned 20 at that point and the year before had been on Disney) and that airhead of a mess Paulina rubio…even Simon could not single handedly save X-Factor from sinking

  7. letterhedz says:

    He’s actually on this year quite a lot.

  8. flutiefan says:

    Simon was just ruder. didn’t give actual musical criticism worth a damn, which is actually what those kids need, and instead he’d throw out insults.
    i felt sorry for the people who only want to watch others being taken down on television.

    personally, i prefer the more positive approach and the technical info that Keith and Harry are experts in. i learn techniques instead of quips.

  9. Joel says:

    I mean, he’s not wrong.

    • Jon says:

      Exactly. He’s entitled to his opinion (which i partially agree with — although Simon didn’t help the ratings of US X-Factor). Idol fans are so thin-skinned…

  10. letterhedz says:

    You people act like Idol invented him. That is so not the case.

    • Elissa says:

      It’s the only reason anyone knows his name. He never had any real success after Idol. He’s known widely as rude and ungrateful.

      • letterhedz says:

        Shows you know nothing about his career or accomplishments. He doesn’t have to hold back his opinion to please anyone.

        • Mary says:

          No he can voice his opinion but all three of the Judges are way more successful they he ever hopes to be. It just shows you that some people only find it entertaining when someone is tearing another down.

      • SamIAm says:

        Seriously, Elissa??? Clay sold out tours for yrs, broke records with his CD sales & is pretty much a household name on TV. He’s known widely as a smart, witty, all-around entertainer & humanitarian. Have you been under a rock?

    • Bryan says:

      you see, without Idol, there wont even be an article on him going off about Idol. He’ll just be a random hater on twitter

  11. DebC says:

    Sounds like a pathetic never-was-been trying to make himself relevant.

  12. Vivi says:

    Was he mad bout his 10 seconds of screen time? Sounds like it.

    Yuck to him and his desperate attempt for attention tweets.

  13. TJ says:

    Well he is right.

  14. Brandon says:

    LOL. I felt similar when watching Clay perform in season 2.

  15. GCal says:

    What a bitchy little queen!

  16. Wes Parker says:

    Not crazy about Clay, but he is right about the show now. Harry C. and pretty boy Keith are as boring as hell. As for JLo, she hasn’t had an original thought since high school

    • Larc says:

      Afraid I must agree. Even though Clay is a total jerk, he does have a valid opinion on the rare occasion.

      • Susan says:

        Wow!a Honest Politician! He’s not afraid to say what I’ll bet a lot of former contestants and viewers are thinking.Talent is one thing but you need charisma too…not just “pitch.Simon knew how to find that .These judges Not So Much.

  17. Sandra Tebar says:

    I agree completely, Simon was the reason to watch it. These other judges think that sweetness it’s what people want. So happy is gone.

  18. Terry says:

    I can’t stand the judges either but if I tweeted that TV Line wouldn’t write an article about it. Hah.

  19. Spignejr says:

    To be fair, these judges are much better than Randy, Paula, Ellen, Nicki, Mariah, and Steven. BUT he’s not wrong. Simon had brutal honesty and his judgments were usually spot on.

    Honestly, they should have invited Kara and Simon back as fourth and fifth judges. Kara have solid critique as well. Though I will say no one beats Paula Abdul critiquing a song before the singer sang it. Best. Drunk. Ever.

  20. AngelWasHere says:

    Actually he’s right.

  21. PD Nemo says:

    Clay is right. However, I am huge fans of all three judges, but I don’t think the three together are a good fit. This is why I didn’t watch the last two seasons. You DO need a Simon and a Randy (adds for a little color and understanding of ALL genre). I think Jennifer was a great fit with Simon and Randy, even Paula brought her uniqueness. It should end as it started (Simon, Randy, and Paula or Jennifer). At least let that judges’ panel do the Live shows or bring them in to augment the current judges’ panel. I’m gonna try to hang in there, but tonight was not a good indication of what’s to come.

  22. Christopher Wozney says:

    He might be brutal and “biting the hand that fed him” but he’s right.

  23. Annie says:

    *sniff* leave JLo alone.

  24. Ew it’s like donald trump climbed inside clay aiken’s butt

  25. What a hideous person. He should be offering support to aspiring young musicians.

  26. MARSHMELOW says:

    WELL…he isn’t WRONG.

  27. 'A' Is Alive says:

    Tbh, they should have done two panels. Randy, Simon, Paula, and/or with Kara (Kara was actually really good) and then also the current 3. It would give everyone the original judges and also get to keep the current ones. You either go in with the “old” panel or the “new” panel. Would have been a fun watch compared to tonight’s episode!

  28. hannah says:

    he’s right. simon was why i was into it.

  29. Naw says:

    You call that a meltdown? Hardly. Just some truth.

  30. Lee says:

    How insightful of him to be able to spot that a show that has already been canceled because of declining interest and ratings might have some problems.

    This final season is all about nostalgia and what I’m remembering is how much I disliked this lump of Clay. Thanks for the memories Aiken.

  31. LynnH says:

    What did Clay say that is not spot on?

  32. Sushi says:

    One look at– and a reminder of–his former face and Clay should be thanking Jesus above for the money and fame he received coming in SECOND on the show he trashed.

  33. Theresa Dailey says:

    Didn’t Aiken demand a recount when he came in second on Idol? Seems to me he also sued Idol to get out of his contract or RCA or someone. Pretty ungrateful for someone who started out as no one … certainly not the way to win voters if he’s still an aspiring politician … don’t know what his problem is!!

    • letterhedz says:

      He not only didn’t demand a recount, he said that Ruben is his best friend and a wonderful singer who deserved the win.

  34. Jeff says:

    Wow! A lot of comments agreeing with that hack Aiken – here’s a thought… turn the channel idiots! lol IMO this panel of judges is by far the most talented AND entertaining of any the show has had. Plus they work well off each other. Simon was great but he’s been gone for quite a while now…so get over it. Enjoy the final season or don’t watch…it really is that simple.

  35. Ann Stephens says:

    Why didn’t you post the other comments explaining why Clay said those things and how he felt about it?
    Clay Aiken ‏@clayaiken 4h4 hours ago
    When you really love something you only want the best for it, and you have high expectations from those you know are capable of it.

    Clay Aiken ‏@clayaiken 4h4 hours ago
    We’re all more critical of the things we care about most.

    Clay Aiken ‏@clayaiken 4h4 hours ago
    When your favorite team that you’ve cheered for for years happens to play a * “bad” game, you’re absolutely allowed to be upset about it. *( I changed a vulgar word)

    I know you don’t like him but be fair please.

  36. Rafael says:

    This is Clay Aiken’s second chance to perform in American Idol and should be the same thing for Kimberley Locke’s.

  37. kirads09 says:

    Clay SHOULD HAVE won S2. He SHOULD HAVE won the Celeb Apprentice the season he was on. I love his incredible voice and feel he is talented. Yes he got the short end of the stick 2x and I don’t like what Idol does to these kids with the contract restrictions and such. That being said, I don’t follow him on Twitter because I have found he can be very snarky like this. It comes across bitter and mean spirited.

    • Rafael says:

      Even if Clay should have won s2, the runner-up of s2 should have been Kimberley Locke, instead, IMO. Kimberley should be returning to this show’s final season also.

  38. Sammy says:

    Can’t we just all get along .

  39. Timmah says:

    Clay is absolutely right. The original panel was great because they were there for the contestants, not themselves. Simon went a little overboard in his critiques at times, but that was part of the appeal. Contrast that with the current trio of clowns who offer nothing of substance, are constantly mugging for the camera and are there to promote their own careers.

  40. JRS831 says:

    Where I’m not sure I disagree about the judges (that panel has ALWAYS needed Simon to give it some validity) – shame on Clay for forgetting where he got his start!!

  41. Brigid says:

    He’s not wrong. I guess he isn’t allowed to express his opinion like you all do.

  42. Stacie says:

    Doesn’t makes sense he does this now. Wait til the show is over. People are getting all nostalgia for the show. Not a smart idea.

    • letterhedz says:

      Idol got a ton of free publicity out of this. People are DEFENDING Idol. Clay should be paid handsomely for this genius move.

  43. Beanie says:

    Clay couldn’t be more wrong…..If Simon Cowell was the only reason Idol was a hit why was X Factor a flop?? These judges are great…but its still all about the contestants.

  44. Sharon says:

    I have to say I sort of agree that Simon was the judge that made the show worth watching, an it has been going downhill without him.

  45. RPY says:

    His comments were just sour grapes and rude of him to give out personal attacks
    Not like he is some superstar. His ego is bigger than his talent ever was. Turn off show then Clay!

  46. JB Smooove says:

    ladies and gentlemen;

    youre next bruce “caitlin” jenner. please, a little round of applause.

  47. John says:

    Considering where Mr. Aiken would be if not for American Idol, you would think he would be a little kinder. Ungrateful in spades !!!

  48. Mark says:

    He’s still bitter that he lost on American Idol and his career has gone down the toilet.

    • Rafael says:

      I think Kimberley Locke should be somehow bitter that she should have been this show’s s2 runner-up than third place. Kimberley being this show’s s2 runner-up would also have help Clay win this show’s s2, IMO.

  49. Joanne says:

    Poor loser. If it wasn’t for Idol, he’d be nobody.

  50. jim says:

    I think he is right. I fill the judges are a joke. I did not like Simon Cowell but he is better then what they have now. glad its almost over.