TVLine Turns 5: Readers Speak! Our 10 Most Talked-About Stories Ever

TVLine Stores Most Comments American Idol

tvline-5One of the most amazing things about TVLine happens the moment after we hit “publish” on a story: You, our readers, start to chime in.

As we noted in a recent post, TVLine has published more than 25,000 stories since our 2011 launch. And our readers have added their two cents to most of them, talking smart about TV with all the passion, persuasion and — more often than not — politeness we’ve come to expect from people as tube-obsessed as we are.

We looked back on all of the stories we’ve posted so far and called out the 10 that nabbed the most comments from TVLine Nation. (Note: We left out posts like Cancellation/Renewal Scorecards and Tournament Brackets, because those are just ringers.)

What got you guys talking the most? In short: abrupt series cancellations (and one unexpected reprieve), reality-singing competitions and characters you love to hate.

Click through the gallery below, then — you guessed it! — hit the comments with your thoughts: Were you surprised by the stories that made the list? What did you expect to be there instead?

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