TVLine Turns 5: Exclusive Look at Our 10 Most Popular Stories Ever

Most Popular TV Stories

TVLine 5Apparently, you guys are really into death.

Kidding — but only sorta. Since TVLine’s 2011 launch, we’ve published roughly 25,445 stories. And, along the way, we’ve noticed that some topics — characters’ demises among them — generate more traffic than others. So, on the occasion of our fifth birthday, we’re counting down our 10 most popular articles ever.

Wanna take a guess what landed at No. 1?

Before you hit the comments with your answer (or cheat by checking out the list first), a coupla hints: 1. The Top 10 excludes ongoing features such as our Renewal and Sweeps Scorecards. (‘Cause, c’mon, what could beat those legacy franchises?!) 2. Besides guest appearances by the Grim Reaper, you’ve also historically been very interested in cancellations and revivals.

Scroll through the gallery below — or click here for direct access — and then hit the comments with an answer to this question: Were you surprised by what landed at No. 1? How about the rest of the Top 10?