Dr. Zizmor Retires: Relive His Impact on 30 Rock, Community and More Shows

Dr. Zizmor Retires

Dr. Jonathan Zizmor — famed dermatologist, New York City icon and all-around charismatic beacon of light — has closed his practice after more than 30 years, the Daily News reported Monday.

But we’re not here to talk about the impression that Zizmor left on our hearts, or even on our skin. Today, we’re reflecting on the surprising impact Zizmor had on television, far beyond that delightfully retro commercial which will live in infamy online.

The good doctor has been name-checked on a number of our favorite shows, including 30 Rock — though he famously turned down a cameo role on the NBC sitcom — and Community, in which he ran an animal hospital where Britta (allegedly) volunteered. In keeping with that theme, Zizmor also inspired the creation of Kroll Show‘s Dr. Armond, a physician who specialized in canine plastic surgery:

Heck, Zizmor was even the surprise punchline of a weird Brad Pitt/Chanel commercial spoof on Saturday Night Live:

Zizmor may have made a name for himself by removing marks from his patients’ faces, but we’ll never forget the mark he left on television.

So from all of us here at TVLine: “Thanks, Dr. Zizmor!”

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