For Castle Fans, a 'Lucky' Day: Watch Rehearsal of RySpo's Season 7 Dance

‘Member back in March, when Castle‘s “Habeus Corpse” episode involved a subplot about a PBA talent show that threatened to pit Rick and Kate’s heretofore naked shower duet against Ryan and Esposito’s annual well-choreographed humdinger?

The actual Season 7 episode allowed Rick and Kate to spy a bit of the boys’ rehearsal (Espo had been faking a bad knee, to let Rick off the hook). Now executive producer Rob Hanning, who penned the episode, has released on YouTube a video of Seamus Dever and Jon Huertas’ rehearsal for the number, which the actors had learned just “hours before.”

So ring in your new year with an unarguably fun Castle moment, by hitting play above.

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