TVLine's Resolutions for 2016: A Date With The Wire, Gilmore and Chill, Adios Izzie and More Hopes for the New Year

TV Resolutions New Year 2016

The dawning of a new year holds the possibility of such promise. Just think: In the next 12 months, you can lose weight, get organized and finally finish that novel you’ve been working on!

Or… you can make like the TVLine staff, hunker down in front of the TV and get cracking on achieving some all-important, TV-centric resolutions for 2016.

And that’s really more pressing, isn’t it?

In the gallery below, we humbly offer our hopes for the coming year. As you’ll see, these intentions involve breaking up with shows we no longer love (cough Hannah Horvath cough), reconnecting with series we miss (Everwood is everlasting!) and finally watching an iconic drama or two we’re ashamed to admit we haven’t seen.

And yes, we’re aware of the irony that a bunch of our goals involve finding time to watch TV… when that’s literally part of our job. But when there are 409 scripted shows out there and just 24 hours in a day, something’s gotta give!

Click through the gallery below — or access it directly here — to see what we’ll be doing come Jan. 1. And when you’re done, make sure to drop your TV-related resolution in the comments below!