Year in Review

2015 in Review: Constance Zimmer, Aziz Ansari and 26 More TV MVPs

TV Most Valuable Players 2015 Photos

Quality is better than quantity, the saying goes. But what if you can have both?

Take, for instance, TVLine’s picks for 2015’s Most Valuable Players. All of the actors featured in the gallery below held down at least two jobs — and some many more — in the past 12 months. Series regulars, guest gigs, hosting duties: They were up for it all.

We looked back over the year and chose these 28 performers as 2015’s busiest. Our list includes a British Army captain-turned-OB-GYN, a sassy security guard-turned-caring-nurse, and an oncologist-turned-sea-witch — all of whom might want to send their agents a thank-you basket of some sort.

Click through the gallery below — or access it directly here — to meet 2015’s MVPs.