Legends of Tomorrow: Will Sara Find Post-Pit Love With a 1950s Nurse?

Legends of Tomorrow Sara Romance

Ali Liebert, who in recent years has hung out in the 1860s (on Strange Empire) and the 1940s (as one of the Bomb Girls), next will call the 1950s home — as a guest star on The CW’s timey-wimey Legends of Tomorrow.

Liebert will appear in an episode of the midseason Arrow/Flash offshoot as Lindsay Carlisle, a mild-mannered, closeted nurse who awakens something in Sara Lance/White Canary (played by Caity Lotz) that had been dormant since her death (understandably!) and eventual resurrection via the Lazarus Pit.

“When Sara first meets Lindsay Carlisle, she finds herself in the position of caring about someone for the first time in forever — an idea she’s not entirely sure she’s ready for,” exec producer Phil Klemmer told EW.com.

Anyone else getting a “City on the Edge of Forever” vibe from this set-up?

Liebert’s TV credits also include Lost Girls, Harper’s Island (as barkeep Nikki) and Kyle XY.

Legends of Tomorrow debuts Thursday, Jan. 21 at 8/7c (where it will displace the Friday-bound Vampire Diaries and lead into The 100 Season 3).