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Gah! Ack! Nooo! The 30 TV Scenes From 2015 That We Can't Unsee

To paraphrase Adele in Skyfall, “close your eyes and count to 10.”

Just be warned: When you open them, TVLine is going to hit you with the 30 TV Scenes From 2015 That We Can’t Unsee (Though Not for Lack of Trying).

There are suitcases and hotel rooms being used for all the wrong reasons. There’s a surgery, a birth and an unsanctioned cosmetic surgery. There’s a doll, a gorilla and even a medical device known as the “anal horn.” There’s an inappropriate face-touch and an unfortunate kiss.

And we’ve gathered ’em all into one horrifying collection!

Check out the gallery below for the full “Oh no you didn’t screengrab that!” experience — or click here for direct access — then tell us which TV moments you could only watch from behind your fingers in 2015.