Is a Supergirl Switcheroo Ahead? Will Big Bang Sex Be Annual? Is Jane Not a Good Writer? And More TV Qs

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Grimm, Quantico, The Voice and The Big Bang Theory!

1 | Were you surprised to see that Transparent‘s Josh and Raquel had gotten back together? And how much time are we to believe has passed since Season 1?

2 | Hasn’t Grimm featured far grosser Wesen than the kind of beast Xavier is? So why does the gang seem so horrified by his looks?

The Good Wife3 | How will The Good Wife‘s Alicia spin out from Eli’s deleted voicemail confession? (Our money is on an unhealthy uptick in tequila consumption followed by some light drunk-dialing to her tragically out-of-state investigator Jason.)

4 | Was Quantico‘s New Year’s Eve countdown the slowest 10 seconds in history? What are the chances that a New York City high-rise hotel would have windows that open wide enough for someone to fall or jump out of? And should we believe Elias when he said he wasn’t the mastermind behind the bombing?

5 | Did Phil No. 2’s tragic fate on Last Man on Earth really come as much of a surprise given that Boris Kodjoe was the only core group member billed as a guest star?

6 | Before Madam Secretary‘s Elizabeth & Co. sold out Dmitri, did you fear the prostitute whose phone he kept borrowing would somehow be involved in the spy’s downfall?

7 | Can Whitney’s absence from the most recent episodes of The Affair be construed as classic diversion for the potential reveal that she’s Scotty’s killer?Supergirl-alura-astra

8 | With lines like, “Alura is not her mother,” is Supergirl‘s Astra planting seeds for the reveal of a maternity cover-up? Or would that only further dilute Kara’s “connection” to cousin Clark? Also, why didn’t Kara use her abilities to “speed read” her boss’ emails? And is Cat Grant’s ice bucket full of M&Ms the best office accessory ever?

9 | Upon hearing the premise for Scorpion‘s fall finale — the team had to save a dam from bursting! — were you almost dreading the levels of CGI, but ultimately impressed with the actual product?

10 | Are we supposed to think Jane the Virgin‘s titular heroine is a good writer? Because that romantic short story…

Adele Live in New York Concert NBC11 | Given the ratings success of Adele: Live in New York City, how is NBC not working on a second special featuring the more than half-dozen songs cut from the hour-long telecast?

12 | On Fargo, was all of Sheriff Larson’s talk about creating a universal language the show’s way of telling us that he eventually invented emojis?

13 | The way Carson Daly trumpeted The Voice‘s 20qs-voice-stefani-legscelebrity guests before every single commercial break, did it make the actual announcement of the winner seem like something of an afterthought? Also, if lip syncing was allowed (see, Missy Elliott, Justin Bieber’s second song), how come we had to endure Sam Hunt’s woeful live vocals? Lastly, was Gwen Stefani singing something? (Sorry, we were too distracted by her miles-long legs.)

14 | NCIS fans, did you find yourself unexpectedly moved by the brief final scene between Ducky and his secret/dead/not-so-dead brother?

15 | Did Limitless surprise you with how entertaining it was to learn about under-appreciated bodyguards “Mike” and “Ike”? And does anyone else think that Boyle will one day slip his addled mom the NZT he found, if only to have one last lucid conversation?

16 | After watching Matt Bomer get down to “Hotline Bling” on American Horror Story: Hotel, will you ever be able to hear that song the same way again?

Childhood's End17 | Childhood’s End viewers, did you recognize Game of Thrones‘ Charles Dance (aka Tywin Lannister) underneath all that Karellen makeup?

18 | Did the Fuller House teaser leave you more or less concerned about the upcoming revival? (Admit it: Seeing those sets again left you a bit misty-eyed!)

19 | Mom‘s heartbreaking final shot of Regina, alone in her house and pouring a big glass of wine: Is she relapsing, or merely sad about losing a major connection to her AA friends? Or is that all yet to be determined?

20 | Are we to glean from Thursday’s Big Bang — and Ausiello’s subsequent Q&A with showrunner Steve Molaro — that Sheldon and Amy’s lovemaking will become an annual event? The Big Bang TheoryAnd with all due respect to the show, in what universe would a California movie theater have empty seats at a Star Wars screening, 15 minutes before showtime?

21 | Was Nathan’s voiceover at the end of Haven’s series finale one of the most moving TV monologues you’d heard in some time? And did any Once Upon a Time fans get deja vu when the blonde heroine elected to sacrifice herself to the ominous cyclone of Troubles/darkness, to save her Maine town?

22 | Does Elementary‘s current season desperately need an injection of energy?

23 | Can we please bring a halt to the Grinch-like holiday-commercial trend that has brands playing non-seasonal tunes in their spots (see: Bud Lite Lime’s “All Night Long” and Best Buy’s “Rocky” theme)?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other Qs you care to share!