Caitlyn Jenner Named Most Fascinating Person of 2015 by Barbara Walters

Caitlyn Jenner Most Fascinating 2015

Barbara Walters might not have a regular seat at the View table anymore, but her opinions — as evidenced by her annual Most Fascinating People special — remain as relevant as ever.

So America scratched its collective head during this year’s telecast, which aired Thursday on ABC, wondering who would nab the legendary newswoman’s top spot. Amy Schumer, Bradley Cooper, Tracy Morgan, Misty Copeland, Bernie Sanders, Donna Karan, Ronda Rousey, Jeff Bezos and Donald Trump filled the first nine positions, all leading up to the big reveal.

In case you ignored the headline and photo of this article, Caitlyn Jenner — the athlete formerly known as Bruce Jenner — was the final name revealed. I use “revealed” loosely because, given the first nine names on the list, who else could possibly be left?

Needless to say, nothing new was shared about Jenner’s life during Walters’ special, as if there’s anything we don’t know at this point. Viewers, instead, were treated to a montage of scenes from Keeping Up With the KardashiansI Am Cait and various news clips from the ’70s and ’80s.

Jenner also did not sit down with Walters for an interview.

Do you agree with this year’s list? Any names you would have added or cut? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.