Revisiting Arrow's Killer Mystery: The Latest Survival Odds for Felicity, Lance, Oliver's Baby Mama and 9 Others

Arrow Felicity Dead Grave

Arrow‘s fall finale — not to mention one very craftily assembled promo — would have us believe that Felicity Smoak is taking up residence in The Grave from the Season 4 premiere. But TVLine isn’t falling for that line of thinking.

For starters, six months has yet to pass on-screen. Plus, the graveside scene and voiceover in the new promo was taken from old footage.

That’s not to say the future Mrs. Queen won’t be the one to die down the road. But for now, we’re placing our bets on some other candidates, including a few whose odds are looking more grim than ever following the first half of Season 4.

Flip through the gallery below (click here for direct access) as we reevaluate who’s pushing up daisies. Then cast your current vote for the unlucky one.