UnREAL Season 2: What's Everlasting Doing That The Bachelor Never Has?

UnREAL Season 2 Spoilers Black Bachelor

Ready to start handicapping who’s going to outbitch, outlast and outplay the competition in the upcoming season of UnREAL‘s reality-dating show Everlasting?

You’re in luck, because TVLine has learned exclusively that the Lifetime drama is casting several new regulars for Season 2 — and the series-within-a-series is going somewhere ABC’s The Bachelor fears to tread:

It’s casting an African-American bachelor.

Per the official character description, Darius Hill is in his mid-20s and plays quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys. His looks are reminiscent of Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton, and he’s sweet, slightly sheltered, athletic (obviously) and a huge crowd-pleaser with both America and the ladies.

Who’ll vie for Darius’ fame money prestige heart?

* Tiffany: a white, smart, hot, rich, blonde, football-obsessed All-American daughter of an NFL team owner from Texas… who turns out to be sexually closed-off from men. For her look, think: ESPN reporter Samantha Ponder.

* Ruby: an African-American early twentysomething who has a strong athletic build and wears her hair natural. She’s very smart; when the producers ask her to play the season’s Angry Black Woman, she balks. Think: filmmaker/activist Bree Newsome crossed with Daily Show correspondent Jessica Williams.

* Chantal: Also African-American, a Southern debutante who’s a feminine foil for Ruby. In addition, Chantal is an OCD control freak.

* Bethann: Another blonde white girl, this time from Alabama, who’s rather trashy (she shows up to the Everlasting house in a Confederate flag bikini) and who doesn’t see herself as racist… but has never had her beliefs challenged.

* Yael: This “upscale hipster” political blogger will look a lot like series lead Shiri Appleby, earning her the nickname “Hot Rachel.” She’ll drive Rachel nuts simply by being the “hotter, more put-together version of her.” Think: a young Amal Clooney. (Disclaimer: We’re not 100 percent sure Yael is an Everlasting contestant; she may instead be a new behind-the-scenes staffer or something else entirely.)

Meanwhile, UnREAL also is casting Romeo, who’s more strategic and less polished than his quarterback cousin, Darius; and Coleman, a handsome and “whip smart” aspiring documentary filmmaker who’s fun and charming… but also ridiculously entitled. (Bet that’ll sit well with Rach, eh?)

UnREAL has not yet announced its Season 2 return date. But that doesn’t mean you can’t start speculating! Hit the comments with your thoughts on the new characters!

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