Pretty Little Liars' Sexy New Season 6B Poster: Who's in the Casket?

Pretty Little Liars Season 6B

The Pretty Little Liars have been known to rock some questionable funeral attire in the past — see Exhibits A and B — but they’ve absolutely outdone themselves in the newest poster for Season 6B (premiering Jan. 12 at 8/7c).

The poster, released Tuesday, finds all five girls — Aria, Hanna, Emily, Spencer and Alison — slipping into their finest LBDs for a strut through the cemetery, as they’re often known to do. But even their most killer looks couldn’t distract us from the giant casket they’re (effortlessly) lugging around. So here’s our question: Who’s in the box?

We know the obvious answer would be Mrs. D, the only character whose killer remains a mystery. But this is PLL we’re talking about, so let’s get creative!

Check out the poster in full below, then drop a comment with your thoughts: Who’s in the casket? And what do you hope to see in Season 6B?

Pretty Little Liars Season 6B